30 SEPTEMBER to 4 october 2021


Following the success of our first EcoTrip in April, we are excited to announce that the second EcoTrip event will be taking place at Quaggafontein from 30 September to 4 October.

Come and discover Quaggafontein and help to lay the foundations for our holistic land stewardship project into the future. Get involved in five fun-filled days of ecosystem restoration, have a jol, and be part of something on Quaggafontein that will make a positive long term difference.

a unique eco Experience

On this ‘Trip we will go beyond the homestead area into the surrounding veld and implement various rehabilitation techniques with the soil and vegetation, while also continuing to work on our food garden and permaculture initiatives.

The daytime programme will also include immersive nature experiences, skill-sharing workshops and talks on relevant topics e.g. heritage, ecology and regenerative living. Evening festivities will be facilitated by a sound system and DJ setup that we invite you to plug into. Not forgetting our roots, we’re planning a small burn on the Saturday night, built as a group by all who are keen, and plenty of opportunity for radical self-expression. 

Photos thanks to Shannon Smith

An Afrikaburn event

On the art front, we have Nathan Honey, core creative lead on Subterrafuge – one of our community’s most beloved artworks – coming to run an art workshop. He is inviting you to help him build an artwork called 66/66 1000, an exploration of shelters and structures inspired by traditional building in the Karoo, as well as the learnings and observations from the recent SKOP (Sutherland Kuns en Ontwikkelings Projek) initiative.

Do you have knowledge or skills you can share? Are you keen to facilitate an activity? Music? Performance? Art? Let us know how you want to be involved, and contact us via [email protected]

Our last EcoTrip ...

Thanks to Alistair and Lorcan Berg for putting the Eco Trip video together.

What to Bring?

  • Strong sunscreen and hats, warm stuff for the evenings (it’s the desert)
  • Your own hand sanitiser and mask
  • Food and water (Food Vouchers are also available through the ticketing link)
  • Own cutlery and crockery
  • Camping gear (you can book a tent and a mattress too, if you want) – we do have a stretch tent set up for the designated camping space (space available on a first come, first served basis)
  • Your own transport 
  • Gardening gear (we do provide tools, but please bring gloves, etc. if you want)
  • Notebook, pen (you might want this during the workshops, or to do some sketching)
  • Dancing shoes, working shoes and comfortable shoes
  • Your gift

What you Take Away ...

  • All your trash. Everything you came with. Leave No Trace.
  • A new friend or 3 or 80
  • A newfound love for our environment, Quaggafontein and the Tankwa Karoo
  • Some knowledge, a few gifts and the feeling of doing something good


To maintain the intimate atmosphere we all enjoyed so much at the last EcoTrip, we will only be releasing 100 tickets, so make sure to get yours before they sell out!

Please see detailed COVID protocols on our ticket disclaimer, including what we require of you to ensure safe EcoTrip participation.

Photo thanks to Ewan Walker

This event is a tiny step towards a picture that is bigger than any of us. It speaks to Earth Jurisprudence, and as one of our early events on Quaggafontein, it sets the tone and intention for the many happy years to follow.

ecotrip gallery

Pictures by Shannon Smith, Stefan Juhnke, Klaus Lampen, Hano Maree, Ewan Walker

Come experiment and play with us.